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Shear Luxury Salon Suites is a collective beauty experience where community, culture, and creativity meet. Our luxury suites are uniquely designed with the Beauty Professional in mind. We offer luxury studio suites that allow you to be creative and to be yourself. Each suite is customizable to allow your creativity to flow. With natural lighting throughout, beautiful finishes, a unique set up, space and professional atmosphere you are able to do your best work. You can focus on building your client base and your brand while we ensure a luxury suite experience.


Shear Luxury Salon Suites allows you to develop your brand in your very own luxurious salon suite. Our suites come in a variety of sizes, are customizable and include a variety of amenities. Don't wait - book a tour today!

Our Business Owners

Shear Luxury Salon Suites is perfect for all Beauty Professionals. Your clients will enjoy every visit.

       Hair Stylist                                    Tattoo Artist

      Make-up Artist                               Nail Artist

      Esthetics                                         Body Hydration

More than Suites

Dedicated to Luxury services

Interested in more...

Did you Shear Luxury is more than just suites, we also offer a workspace & training facility for the durham community and a Cleaning Concierge service for beauty professionals. 


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